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Funny educational game for any ages

Easy & Free to use

Flexible and extensible

Highly scalable

Open Source


How to raise the educational level in the world that it will fun for adults and not boring for children without age restrictions? Education should occur at any stage of education and on any scientific or unscientific discipline; should be to ensure accurate and complete information on the subject studied; it is should support of many languages – that it be accessible to all people on Earth. I created an application with libraries-disciplines solves these goals and provides opportunities for the development of such educational projects in the future.


What is Wiki Wiki Earth?

Wiki Wiki Earth is a funny educational game for any ages. Participants in the game in turn call the words at certain subjects, for example, world cities, animals, great people, constellations, stars, et cetera. The new word must should start at the letter which ends with the title of the previous word.

The first part of title – Wiki Wiki – was taking, because you can do many things very easily: easy to get scientific information from Wikipedia, easy to play and watch text at language of your choice, easy customize the game for your self. The second part of the title – Earth – was taking, because the game includes many areas of life, such as Geography, Astronomy, Biology, any ideas for expanding horizons and have good time, when you read and passively memorize information in game process.

Wiki Wiki Earth can help achieve such goals of education, as peer education, development of critical thinking and forming installations to increase the level of education throughout life.

With hundreds of schools, kindergartens, other educational institutions, and thousands of peoples use Wiki Wiki Earth and an enthusiastic open source community strong and growing, Wiki Wiki Earth is the world’s most widely adopted software for education.

  • Play in the language of choice: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Greek, Dutch, Irish, Icelandic, Finnish, Estonian, Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (traditional), Russian, Czech, Polish , Korean, Turkish, Hebrew, Esperanto;
  • Interactive search information about words in Wikipedia;
  • Allows you to play in the language of choice, while viewing the information in any other;
  • Set the individual game settings, based on the words belonging to certain groups;
  • Flexible, learning artificial intelligence.


Get Started with Wiki Wiki Earth Today

It’s easy to get started with Wiki Wiki Earth:

  • Download the Wiki Wiki Earth setup file.
  • Download the Wiki Wiki Earth sources.

Within milliseconds of installing Wiki Wiki Earth.



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